Clear Quartz Crescent Moon Dish (**Damaged**)

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PLEASE NOTE: This piece has a very small chip on the corner of this bowl (please see the final image to review the damage before purchasing). 

The crystal of clarity, light, reflection, and amplification.

Clear Quartz is an essential crystal that any crystal lover must have.

The term “quartz” comes from the Greek word “ice.” Clear Quartz helps you to align with your highest self and is an essential crystal when setting intentions. It helps to give clarity of mind and helps one reach a higher state of being. 

Keep it near your office or somewhere where you spend time every day to help you connect with your crystal and align with your higher self. 

Placing Clear Quartz crystals in your space helps you to align with your goals and manifest what you want.

I manifest my intentions with ease.

Note: These Clear Quartz Crystal Moon Dishes are sized based on weight. No crystal is the same, each one will have its own shape and character. They say crystals choose you.