Our story

Making self care simple, beautiful and accesable.

Modern Rituals is a place to remind you that you are worthy of honouring yourself every single day.

Our mission is to help you ignite your inner goddess and step into your highest potential 


Why Ritual?

Ritual (noun):
a set of actions done regularly, usually without thinking about it.

Self-care can often get over-looked. Often we are too busy, to tired or feel un-motivated to give ourselves the time of day.

The power of creating daily rituals can help you create a mindful routine out of your favourite self-care practices.


Caring for our planet

Sustainability is a core pillare of Modern Rituals self-care products. We aim to create products that are safe for people and our environment.

At Modern Rituals, we care about the environment and are always working to be more responsible. We aim to select ingredients that are natural and organic, that are kind to your body and the planet. We also aim to package our products using sustainable and reusuable materials. We make a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the earth. Our products are packaged in easily recyclable glass, and we use biodegradable and 100% recyclable materials for shipping.  


Our Belief

We beleive in a "less is more" approach. By simplyfying self-care, it becomes easier to invite a ritual here or there into your daily routine. Our products act as tools to help you tune into the highest self, be guided by your intuition and honour yourself every single day.

Whether that is taking a much needed dip in the Honour Myself Bath Soak or trying out our Inner Goddess Floral Clay Mask - our rituals can help you to bring self-love into your life and realise your highest self.

Our products will help you create simple daily rituals without taking too much time away from the hustle and bustle of this thing called life!

Our Founder

Jesse Waetford

When I first dreamt of creating Modern Rituals I was so excited to explore how I could connect my passions for plants, nature, culture, rituals, traditions and organics together. I have always been moved by the power of plants in the form of essential oils, whole foods, extracts, homeopathic remedies and herbs. Nature has been my biggest inspiration for creating the formulas and rituals that are intended to inspire and empower women of all ages. I see myself as a connector between the spirit of these magical plant extracts and the beautiful people they serve.

Our Commitments

Small Batch

Handmade in small batches with love in Aotearoa, NZ

All Natural

We source 100% natural and mostly organic, plant-based ingredients for all our products.


Responsibly made products, recycled and sustainable packaging.

Premium products with packaging made to be re-used long after you finish. We use natural, recycled, and biodegradable materials as our commitment to minimise our impact on the earth.

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