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Modern Rituals

Self care rituals for the modern mystic


Modern Rituals is here to help remind you of your magic.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in how busy life can feel that we forget to put time aside for ourselves. It is so easy for an entire week, even month, to slip by before we even notice how burnt out we are starting to feel. 

We are here to remind you that you are worthy of honouring yourself every single day! Our dream is to see you ignite your inner goddess and step into your highest potential. 
You were born to do great things.

Modern Rituals is all about helping you find balance in your everyday life. We want you to have less stress and more alignment. To have a deep reverence for your body, mind and soul. To learn how to work your light and tap into your intuition. To honour yourself every single day. To build a relationship with your highest self. To lean into your innate kinship with Mother Earth. To share your gifts with the rest of the world and live your life to your fullest potential!
Why we are putting 'Ritual' back into the term 'Self-Care'? 

Self-care can often get over-looked. Often we are too busy, to tired or feel un-motivated to give ourselves the time of day. 

A simple ritual however, can help you create a sweet habit out of your favourite self-care practices. 

The intention behind our products is to help you create self-care rituals that transport you away from stresses of your day, be it work, motherhood, or running errands. 

Ritual (noun): 
a set of actions done regularly, usually without thinking about it. 

Shifting the things you do everyday, such as taking a shower, applying your skincare, putting on your favourite perfume, brewing your morning coffee or pot of tea, sitting down in your office ready to start work...these are all daily tasks that you can start to create a daily ritual around. 
  • Whether it be adding essential oils to the corner of your shower and closing your eyes as you set an intention for your day.
  • Using a ritual mist as part of your morning face ritual and reciting a beautiful affirmation.
  • Using a pulse point oil throughout the day instead of a perfume to remind you of your intention and bring you back into alignment with your highest self.
  • Changing your morning brew to a sacred cacao or tea and creating a mini ceremony around it.
  • Smudging your office every morning with sage, palo santo or a smudging ritual mist to help create a sacred space to work in. 
  • Or maybe you simply plant some crystals around your home and/or work space to help you tune into your creativity and help you create more presence in your day. 

"Modern Rituals provides you with the sacred tools to help you tune into your highest self, be guided by your intuition and honour yourself every single day."


Modern Rituals is here to help you connect you to your highest self and innate kinship with Mother Earth through the use of self-care practices and daily rituals.

All of our products are created with love, intuitive direction and respect for the wisdom of plants, and ritual practices. Our products are handmade in small batches and are infused with different types of botanicals, essential oils and crystals. We only use high quality natural ingredients and choose organic where possible. Through the combination of earth's magical plants and rituals we aim to take people on a journey to rediscover their connection with themselves and Mother Earth. 
Modern Rituals is a botanical skincare and beauty brand focused on producing sustainable, self-care products for mind, body and soul wellness.
We aim to create products that are safe for people and our environment. We obsess over every little detail, from our ingredients to our packaging and our shipping to make sure that we make a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the earth. Our products are packaged in easily recyclable glass, and we use biodegradable and 100% recyclable materials for shipping.  



Meet our founder:

Hi, I'm Jesse.

I am the founder, creative and working mama behind Modern Rituals. 

When I first dreamt of creating Modern Rituals I was so excited to explore how I could connect my passions for plants, nature, culture, rituals, traditions and organics together. 

I have always been moved by the power of plants in the form of essential oils, whole foods, extracts, homeopathic remedies and herbs. 

Nature has been my biggest inspiration for creating the formulas and rituals that are intended to inspire and empower women of all ages. 

I see myself as a connector between the spirit of these magical plant extracts and the beautiful people they serve. 


It all started with a dream... 

It all started with an idea I had when I lay awake in bed one night..I was pulled into the early hours of the morning brainstorming my heart out.  I remember saying to my husband Kawiti that it was like being tapped on the shoulder by a long lost friend.


Work + Family + Life Balance

Working from home allows me to work around my family. My husband and daughter are the most important people in my life and it is my dream to create a balance between work (doing something I absolutely LOVE to do) and being a stay-at-home mama.

As a mother and wife to my high-school sweetheart, I have always wanted to design my life to work around my family. This was a BIG part of why I decided to follow my dreams and create Modern Rituals.

I have the most incredibly supportive and loving husband, Kawiti, who works away in the background helping me with the business too!


Thank you for supporting our small business.

Big Love, 

Jess x