Rainbow Moonstone Rough Stone

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  • $3.50
  • $5.00
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Price is for 1 x Rainbow Moonstone rough stone picked intuitively for you by us. Please note these stones are approx 5-9cm and vary in shape and size. 

Get back into your groove with the Moonstone crystal, the dreamy, ethereal stone that channels the moon. Connecting with this stone allows you to feel the glow of the moonlight infusing your chakras with its brilliant white light, helping you get into alignment and plug into a higher frequency. Because of its lunar energy, the Moonstone crystal properties remind us of the night sky and its steady and reliable cycle of darkness giving way to light. If you are feeling lost or have trouble finding the light at the end of the tunnel, let the Moonstone crystal healing properties shine a light on your path and guide you on your journey. - Energy Muse