Full Moon Pulse Point Oil

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Full Moon
Manifestation Ritual Blend
Pulse Point Oil

Blended with 100% natural ingredients and inspired by the magic of the full moon. Use our Full Moon Pulse Point Oil to help guide you into a space of calm and release or declare anything that has been getting in your way.

This pulse point oil is hand-blended and poured using 100% pure essential oils and organic fractionated coconut oil.

10 mL | 0.33 fl.oz glass roller bottle

Use this essential oil blend when the moon is full and her energy is at her HIGHEST. This Full Moon Pulse Point Oil can also be use during a full moon ritual. See 'The Ritual tab' for more information. 

Apply to pulse points: behind ears, sides of neck, wrists, and elbow creases. 

Infused with Rainbow Moonstone Crystals that have been cleansed and charged in the light of the full moon.

Ingredients: Rainbow Moonstone Crystal; Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil; Jasmine Absolute; Sandalwood, Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense Essential Oils.

A full moon ritual is a powerful way to tap the luminous lunar energy and harness the energetic power of the full moon. You can do a full moon ritual to help align yourself with what you want to accomplish and to let go of what's no longer serving you

While the new moon is a time to set new intentions or launch new projects, the full moon is a time of fruition and releasing. Use the energy of the full moon to create a simple ritual at home to release or declare anything that has been holding you back or celebrate any intentions you have made that have come to fruition. 

Chose a comfortable area in your home where you can sit down and do this Full Moon Ritual. You can choose to do this ritual during the day or under the light of the full moon in the evening. The choice is yours!

1. Prepare your space for the ritual:

  • Consider smudging your home, taking a luxurious bath to unwind before starting your ritual. This will help to clear our any unwanted or stagnant energy. This can be done by burning palo santo or white sage and using its smoke to cleanse the space you have chosen. You could also cleanse your space using a ritual mist, such as our Palo Santo & Sage Mist.
  • Things to have on hand: (these are optional, you could choose to have all of these, some or none. It is your ritual so chose whatever feels good for you)
    • Journal and pen
    • Oracle cards
    • Light a candle and place in front of you
    • Some crystals and or flowers nearby
    • Our Full Moon Pulse Point Oil

2. Start your ritual with a simple meditation:   

This meditation will help you to set the right mindset and is the perfect way to start your full moon ritual. 
  1. Sit comfortably in your space you have prepared for the ritual.
  2. Anoint your pulse points with this Full Moon blend. 
  3. Close your eyes and allow your mind to focus on your breath.
  4. Allow any intentions you have previously set to surface. (These intentions may or may not have manifested yet). 
  5. Continue to sit with these intentions for a few minutes. 
  6. Slowly bring your attention back to the room and open your eyes.

2. Release

The full moon is time for letting go of what's no longer serving you. Take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks. What has unfolded? What is holding you back or getting in your way? Do you see any opportunities for growth and expansion?

Using your journal, write down a list of everything you want to release from your life. Live by the mantra, "I release all that no longer serves me."

3. Check your to-do list

This is a good time to revisit your to-do list and check in on your progress. You may find that some of your goals on your to-do-list no longer resonate with you. This is the beauty of a full moon. It's time to anything go that no longer aligns with you, or modify your to-do list and accept any changes you wish to make. 

Continue to use your Full Moon Pulse Point Oil throughout the days leading up to and after the full moon.