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How to use our Inner Goddess Floral Clay Mask

| Jesse Waetford

Let's face it, there is just something so satisfying about painting your face with a silky layer of clay mask, putting your feet up for 5 mins and listening to a few tracks from Lorde's new album - especially when the mask smells like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. DIVINE!

Our Inner Goddess Floral Clay Mask is designed not only to make you look and feel great, but to bring intention to self care through ritual.

Made from a blend of organic ingredients including rose and hibiscus, this mask not only smells heavenly, but it also gently exfoliates, revealing softer, more radiant looking skin.


Best thing about this mask: You can customise it to suit your skins needs!

Have you ever noticed that you skin can change day by day, one day it seems dry while the next it is super oily. One of the best things about our powdered formula is that it is designed to put the control back in your hands—because unlike most masks, with powdered face masks you get to customise your treatment based on exactly what your skin needs each time you use it. 

For example, on a normal skin day, you can activate the powder with water. On an oily day, mixing the powder with yogurt can be super nourishing. If your skin is feeling dry, you can blend the powder with some honey, aloe vera or a face oil such as rosehip or jojoba oil. 

Some people may think a powder mask isn't worth the little bit of added effort, but by taking the time to activate your mask each time you use it means you’re receiving the maximum benefit of each ingredient in their most potent form - in other words its as fresh as pulling a loaf of steamy hot bread from the oven and eating it while its still hot.

Another reason why a powder mask is so much better for you is that it doesn't require added preservatives, which means each ingredient has a purpose and benefit to your skin.

The Ritual:  Mix 1-2 tsp with a few drops of your chosen base until a paste is formed. Apply a thin layer to face, avoiding eye area. Let dry (about 4-5 mins), then wash off with warm water. Follow with your favourite face oil or moisturiser. Use once or twice weekly. *Patch-test before use. For topical use only.

Recite this love note to yourself each time you use it: "To my inner goddess. You are a gentle reminder that beauty can crack through to the surface if I just look within.” 

Note: Our favourite way to use this mask is blended with a few drops of jojoba or rosehip oil + a few drops of water. We find it helps to moisturise our skin and makes it easier to wash off too! 

A quick note on redness:

In most cases, a light tingling sensation and slight redness can be perfectly normal. This is simply a process of the blood vessels bringing increased blood flow to our skin - helping to absorb more nutrients and flushing out damaged cells. 
However, you should remember that a clay mask is not supposed to feel uncomfortable or painful in any way. If you experience any pain or burning you should remove the mask immediately.

Here are FIVE reasons your clay mask may be causing more than normal redness:


1. You forget to patch test - or don't wait long enough after patch testing

There is a reason why we’re always told to a patch test before using any new skincare product. Everyone's skin is different and therefore can react differently. Patch test before use on inside of wrist or elbow. Wash off when dry and wait 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, follow the same procedure and patch test on face. This is a good practise for any new skin care you introduce ✌🏾

2. You use too much product

The expression less is more, is an important tip to remember when it comes to clay face masks. ⁠You only need to apply a thin layer of your mask to your skin. Sometimes, we do make more than we need. If this is ever the case for you, you could always try the mask on different areas of your body, such as your armpits or between your chest.

3. You're leaving your mask on for too long

Leave the clay mask on until just before dry. In most cases this will be between 3 to 5 minutes. 

4. You don’t customise the mask to suit your skin

Remember that you are in the drivers seat when it comes to using a mask powder. Try mixing up the combinations to suit your skin needs. For example, on a sensitive day, try activating your mask with some organic aloe vera gel, or even better, some aloe straight from the garden.

5. Your skin is reacting to any one of the ingredients listed in the mask 

Make sure to double check the ingredients in the mask before use. As the mask contains flowers and clay, this mask may not be suited to some people, as they may be allergic to these ingredients.


Full Ingredient List:

Formulated with Pink and White Clay, Organic Rosehip Powder; Organic Rose Petal Powder; Organic Hibiscus Powder; Organic Calendula Powder.

Check out our Inner Goddess Floral Clay Mask product page here!

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