How to practise a full moon manifestation ritual

How to practise a full moon manifestation ritual

| Jesse Waetford
When the moon is full, it is at its most powerful!

The high-powered energy during this time has a tendency to cause heightened emotions and even make you feel, well, a little out of control. 

I personally love to follow the natural rhythms of the universe, like that of the earth and the moon. It helps me direct my energy and align my self with nature.  

One thing I love to do at the time of the full moon, is perform a simple ritual. Because there is so much energy during a full moon, it can be a powerful time to connect and tune in to its energy so you can harness it for something positive in your life. 

It is a time to bathe in the beauty of the moons glow.

Below I’ve outlined a simple full moon ritual you can do in the comfort of your own home. It is an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of every day life and tune back into gaia, the moon and ultimately - YOU!

Before you begin your ritual: make sure that you enter into your ritual with a clear mind and open heart. One way I love to do this before I start any ritual, is to cleanse myself and my space using a desired cleansing tool. You can cleanse your space by using the smoke of palo santo, or white sage. If using smoke is not quite your thing, or if you simply want to change it up a bit, you could use our palo santo & sage smudging ritual mist.

Note: White sage and Palo Santo are used in Indigenous ceremonial practices. Due to the rise in popularity amongst non-indigenous peoples who share an interest in using these sacred tools, these resources are at risk of over-harvesting. If you buy palo santo or sage, please be mindful to only buy them if they are ethically and sustainably sourced. This will help to protect the longevity and sustainability of these sacred plants. 

What you need for your Full Moon Ritual: 

  • A safe, sacred space - somewhere cosy at home, away from daily distractions. Choose a space inside or outside. Tip: Ask someone to mind the kids.
  • Turn off your phone - 'flight mode' will do!
  • A candle
  • Some crystals - try our Full Moon Crystal Collection
  • Some essential oils - try our Full Moon Pulse Point Oil - Manifestation Blend
  • Some easy, relaxing music in the background.
  • Paper and pen.
  • Heat proof dish - for burning a few bits of paper (optional)


The Full Moon Manifestation Ritual:

Begin your ritual by lighting your candle and placing any sacred objects, such as crystals, essential oils or flowers in front of you. You may wish to say an opening prayer, karakia or blessing to bless your space and welcome in the full moon.

Once you have fully arrived in your space, take a moment to close down your eyes and tune into your heart. You can do this by taking a few deep breaths, focusing only on your breath for a few peaceful minutes. Let go of anything that comes into your mind. This breathing exercise will help you let go and focus on the present moment. 

You may now begin your ritual. Taking your desired essential oil, anoint your pulse points (behind ears, sides of neck, wrists, and elbow creases). Make sure to use as directed on the label as each essential oil and blend is different and may require a carrier oil to be applied. 

Taking your paper and pen, take a few moments to write down anything that you wish to let go of. These may be things that have been holding you back, old habits, feelings, emotions, or negative thoughts. 

Next, write a list of everything you wish to manifest in your life right now. Write down one by one, the things that you would love to have show up in your life over the next month. 

Optional (burning ritual): Take your first piece of paper, with everything you wish to let go of. Tear the pieces to a size that will fit inside your heat proof dish. Using the flame of the candle, carefully light your paper until a flame is caught and place in your heat proof dish to burn.

Say out loud: "I let go of all that no longer serves me".

Ensure that all embers are out before moving onto the next stage of your ritual. You may like to add some water to your embers. 

With your other piece of paper, you may like to place it inside a jar and then set it outside in the full moonlight. Use this list throughout the next lunar month to reflect on each day. I like to place my manifestation list somewhere I will remember to see it each day, like next to my bed or on my home altar. 

Closing your ritual: Here are some of my personal ways that I love to close my rituals. Feel free close your ritual in your own magical way.

  1. Sing a song.
  2. Read a poem or recite an affirmation.
  3. Turn up your favourite music and dance around your house!
  4. Say a closing karakia or prayer.

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